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Vintage jeans: customising your wardrobe

Finding a perfect pair of vintage jeans is no easy task! We all know that it’s challenging to buy vintage jeans matching our unique curves and features (some we want to accentuate and others we want to hide).  Although designers claim that we can be categorized by waist and leg size, the denim reality is more complex.

Once you’ve scouted out your ideal vintage jeans (in markets, boutiques, second-hand shops) which match your style, shape and budget, it’s important to take good care of them.

Remember that clothes aren’t designed to last forever - denim in particular gets softer and more form fitting with time.  Making your vintage jeans live as long as possible (& preserving the fit you’ve worked hard to achieve) requires patience and loving care.

You’ll need to pay special attention to how you wash your vintage jeans. As vintage jeans are older, they are more likely to fade, sang or tear with each wash. Using a washing machine? Wash your vintage jeans inside out in cold water on a very delicate cycle.

When it comes to drying your vintage jeans, hang drying is the best and most gentle option. Using a tumble drier? Opt for the lowest heat setting.Remember that most of the wear and tear suffered by your clothes takes place in the dryer.  If you have to use one, we recommend drying your vintage jeans to about 80% dry and then hang drying to finish the last 20%. If you can afford it, dry cleaning your vintage jeans is the best bet!

Bon shopping and take care of your vintage jeans!

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