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A+ A- iPad application: chic shopping

Connect to our irresistible designer sales with the iPad application. Flash sales? Fabulous 70% discounts? A dizzying portfolio of international brands? Sound tempting? Access our website with your iPad and start tapping. All the benefits of on the go. The application: getting mobile Download the application to browse our sales on the move. Losing patience with the never-arriving bus? Stuck in a traffic jam? Our app makes waiting fun. Access our hand-picked array of designer products on our specially designed iPad-adapted site. It's possible to customise the iPad application and choose which must-visit sales you'd like a reminder for, (with only a couple of exceptions, e.g. adult and VPvoyages sales). The iPad application: fabulously fun The application is fantastically free to download. Sign up to sales and shop from your iPad. The specially designed application makes sale navigation très easy. Just browse, bag and buy. Opening their virtual doors at 6am (week) and 8am (weekend), our time-limited designer sales are packed with fashion and style.  We use our chic savoir-faire to take the hard work out of shopping. So, sit back, relax and we'll deliver to your doorstep.