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Stretch jeans: figure flattering fashion

Although it's important for a girl to be stylish, when you buy stretch jeans there are also beaucoup de other factors to take into account.When you buy stretch jeans you have to think about price, fit, occasion - the list is endless!

We love stretch jeans. Why we hear you ask!Voila, our top reasons to buy stretch jeans:-          Stretch jeans are available in a fabulous array of styles. Try figure hugging skinny jeans or, for a more classic look, choose a pair of dark wash bootcut jeans - c'est chic!-          Stretch jeans offer a form flattering fit-          Stretch jeans are comfortable (nothing worse than jeans constrict and confine you. The stretch means that you comfortable all day long - even after a hearty lunch!)-          Stretch jeans can be worn for all occasion from lounging at home to wearing in the office.  Mix and match to great your perfect look. Stretch jeans + blazer + heels for work.-          Stretch jeans are figure flattering. They mould smoothly to fit your body giving you a lovely flat stomach and firm bottom.-          You don't need to iron stretch jeans - this is perfect if like us you can think of better things to do on a Sunday afternoon than ironing your week's wardrobe!Not sure where to look for the perfect pair of stretch jeans? How about taking a look at our glamorous flash sales? We fans of denim and all things stylish - our sale rails are full of fabulous prêt-a-porter, not just stretch jeans but everything from heels to accessories, coats to swimwear - let's not forget the homeware, event tickets and hi-tech!