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Intelligent materials for your sports attire

Welcome to the world of functional materials!

Breathable, water-resistant, anti-cold, anti-heat… today sport clothing fabrics have never been more high-tech. Pick the right one to boost your performance!

Did you say “intelligent” materials?

More than a classic material, an intelligent material offers you integrated technology. These new, high-tech fabrics are a real revolution in the sports world. A great number of new sports outfits are now designed with antibacterial fabrics that slow and limit the development of unpleasant odours. You can also find UV resistant material that filters sunlight thanks to fluorescent agents. You can also make use of fabrics that regulate body temperature, that expel heat produced by exertion while also protecting you from the cold. No more turning red from the cold while you run!

My ideal high-tech sports outfit

For fitness classes or just to go out running, opt for high tech leggings. Stretchable and tight-fitting, they quickly disperse moisture. And they come in a lively shade of gold. Le Coq Sportif offers you leggings with a great freedom of movement while also expelling sweat and, in addition, they also offer a line of bras and tank tops! Also try out a high performance bra/tank top that actively absorbs and expels perspiration. The t-shirts, dresses and running shorts from Nike are made from a fabric specially designed to expel sweat caused by exertion. And to show off at the pool, try on the neo-swimsuit. With its silicone beads, it noticeably refines your figure. You’ll love it! To find out more about “intelligent” sports clothes sign up for today. There, you can find out about the next sales events for sports clothes.