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Glamorous sportswear

Comfortable, seductive and athletic? Yes, it’s possible!

Baggy tracksuits, formless T-shirts and size 42 hooded sweatshirts are all out. Now the big brands in women’s sportswear finally have clothes that are comfortable and stylish. Now there’s no excuse not to hit the gym!

Move around freely in an adapted sports outfit

To enjoy practising your favourite sport, you need to feel in sync with your clothes. That’s why it’s important to choose materials that are comfortable, functional and 100% resistant for your pilates, yoga or fitness classes.For your running outfits, try a new breathable fabric. These materials let your perspiration evaporate and dry quickly. Say goodbye to that old spongy T-shirt! The high-tech underwear from Columbia guarantees you unmatched comfort for running or outdoor activities.

Sports clothes, more glamorous than ever

Today’s top-of-the line sportswear brands are adding new energy and femininity to traditional sports clothes. They offer flashy new colours, printed or embroidered patterns, original lines and cuts and fashionable sets of belts and straps.Check out some new pants in faded grey, shaping black leggings or sweatpants with an ultra-smooth stitch. Sports outfits support the form of the body, smoothing out any curves. Reebok offers perfect models for training that also maintain your feminine look with their forms and colours.Still doubt your seduction potential in a jogging outfit? Sign up for You can find out about the next sales events for sports outfits, to perfect your glam-sport look!