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The sports bag for you

More than just a sports bag, it's a fashion accessory!

Are you fed up with that old training bag you’ve been using for so long? The biggest brands have plenty of cutting-edge, feminine and trendy models for you to choose from that adapt to your needs.

The sports bag: my practical companion

Equipped with plenty of pockets, durable and easy to maintain, your sports bag should make it easy for you to slip into or out of a jogging suit and sports shoes, and have room for a (wet!) towel and a bottle of water. For instance, the Nike bags generally offer lots of storage room, letting you take everything you need with you, all the while keeping things organised! The latest sports bags are versatile, and also very fashionable! Many models give you a choice of straps, allowing you to choose between hand grips or a shoulder strap.

A sports bag style for everyone

No more cheap sports bags, time to go for a bag to impress! Available in orange, green, pink, purple and electric blue… choose from bright colour schemes and keep up with the colour block trend. Shiny, studded or with satin fabric, your sports bag is also elegant. And if you want to go out after your Pilates class, no problem! Your sports bag is perfect to take along with you wherever you end up going. Try using it with a zip up sweat that fits in both on the street and in the gym. With Adidas you can choose between backpacks, bags with wheels or a satchel, in various sizes that fit your needs. And if you’re looking for an eco-friendly model, look for models marked “100% organic cotton” for a discrete and environmentally friendly choice. Which sports bag is right for you? Find out at the next women’s sportswear sales event. To have fun and follow the latest trends, become a member of!