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The grace of lace, for daytime and evening outfits

Lace is the highlight of this year’s trends. Lace helps you to bring out the best in your daytime and evening attire, enhancing the look of little dresses, tops or handbags. To find out how to make your cute little lacy outfit work and avoid that “wedding dress” look, follow this advice.

Black or white: making your dress work with lace!

Whether in fine embroidery or an open weave, vintage lace has many different uses. To highlight your romantic side, nothing is better than a lace dress or a skirt with ruffled lace, such as this one from Morgan. But be careful to never use it with a maxi dress! The wedding dress effect is glamorous, but save it for your special day. And if you’re not up for going all out with the lace look, you can also try a dress, top or shorts with certain lace details, like these numbers from Zadig & Voltaire. To give your look a “young romantic” allure, try a short white lace dress for day wear. As for shoes, stick with flats. For going out at night, try a little black dress with lace! It’s a sure-fire way to give yourself a glamorous look. You can try wearing it with heels and a handbag with a metallic handle.

Lace accessories

This season, lace is in for accessories too. Handbags outfitted with this light and airy fabric are clearly one of the biggest recent trends. In terms of colours, if you’re not that confident with white, then go for skin-toned shades. In the evening, use a black leather handbag decorated with lace to match your black lace dress.

Try using a bit of lace with…

Lace is beautiful and romantic, but don’t overdo it! Too much lace can be a lot to swallow. During the day, match your little lace dress with a jean vest. This is a good combination to remember, it’s a classic yet versatile look. For evenings, try using black lace with a leather jacket: black for a glam, rock-style look, white for a very sharp contrast, or a more colourful lace to bring the two trends together. This summer, lace is a key ingredient to keep stocked in your wardrobe, to be used with your favourite outfits or for a super-hip effect… All these lace outfits and more can be found at! To find that dress that's perfect for you at the best price, sign up today.