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The pastel handbag

Colour your handbag marshmallow or spearmint to end your summer with a hint of sweetness.

Your handbag comes in soft, smooth shades that bring back pleasant memories: your very first, powdered pink skater dress, your son’s sky blue baby clothes, or the iconic, baby doll dress look from sixties icons! Basically, your super-trendy pastel handbag makes your life a bit sweeter. Choose an oversized model for the daytime, and at night, go out with a mini. Or you can try the satchel bag for a stylish gender-neutral look.

The oversized handbag: practical and modern

The oversized handbag is our secret weapon. We love it because it’s truly fashionable and because it’s so versatile, letting us take our survival kit with us to stay alive in the urban jungle whenever we need it. This season it comes in the most fashionable colour scheme: pastel, of course! Available in peach or mint, it brings out the neutral tones of our “working girl” outfits. Your best bet is light fabric. Looking for a good model to pick out? How about the peach-coloured, sequined linen tote from Vanessa Bruno, for a fabulous hippie chic look!

The mini handbag, a true fashionista accessory

Another big trend is the mini handbag. With just enough room for your keys, cell phone, credit cards and lipstick, it gives you the perfect look for your night out. Try out a minibag, a mini-wallet or minaudière (mini wallet with a chain or narrow strap) in a marshmallow, lilac, or sky blue colour scheme. Use it with similarly coloured top, with fluorescent highlights, and jeans. Or you can also wear it with your little black dress and heels.

The satchel-handbag for an androgynous look

Looking to play with contrasts? Try a handbag that brings together a more masculine design with the very feminine effect of a pastel colour scheme. Take a look at this satchel, available from brands like Longchamp, or other satchels available in leather! Use this boyish handbag with a pantsuit and wear your hair parted in the middle with a low ponytail. Pick out either a marshmallow, skin-tone, or mimosa colour scheme for the bag, and put on a pair of stilettos, feminising your look. Mixing looks is one of the most basic techniques of people who know fashion! There are so many looks to choose from! And by signing up with you can find great deals on pastel handbags at our sales events!