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Furniture: the trendiest armchairs for your living room

Whether you’re reading, watching TV or chatting with friends, it’s always better with a more comfortable chair. And to make your home design work, you want them to look good. Impossible, you say? Not at all! Discover all of our home design schemes to transform your living room!

The “Egg Chair”

As you may have guessed, the “Egg Chair” takes its name from its distinctive shape. This designer chair is very comfortable, and bears a strange resemblance to an egg shell… The “Egg Chair” brings together a perfect retro design with great comfort. For a very pop style, try an Egg Chair in red, green, or even orange. If you’re going for a more subdued look for your living room, black or white models are just the thing.

The baroque armchair

Baroque armchairs are back! Impressive, elegant and now back in style, baroque armchairs give your home decoration a classic, boudoir look. With their sturdy wooden structure and soft seat, baroque armchairs give you optimal comfort. In terms of aesthetics, they are available in several styles: classic, coloured, or printed. One thing is for sure, they’re the perfect thing to make your room’s decoration come together. For example, you can opt for a padded velvet baroque armchair from Comptoir de Famille, with designs that recall the old days.

The rocking chair, revisited

A distant relative of the rocking chairs your grandma used to have, today’s rocking chairs are ergonomic and fashionable. Their carefully designed curves support your body perfectly to offer you the rest you need at the end of the day. Rocking chairs can often be found in vibrant, eye-catching colour schemes. With bright shades, an original look and absolute comfort, it has everything you need from a designer armchair!

The “spinning top” armchair

The product of a burst of creativity from some talented designer, the “spinning top” (or “spun”) armchair is both beautiful and practical. With its spinning top mechanism, you can effectively spin in a 360° circle. Say you want to reach around to grab that magazine you set down, now there’s no need to get up or ask a friend to get it, just spin around! Try combining it with a designer floor lamp from Sia, to help you relax while reading. As the cherry on top, the spinning top armchair is also very cosy, thanks to its form-fitting design. The freedom to move around, guaranteed relaxation and a unique design, the spinning top armchair will turn things around for your living room.Despite what some might say, you don’t have to choose between modern design and comfort! Take a look at today to find the armchair of your dreams. If you haven’t joined yet, start taking advantage of our great offers now by signing up!