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Distressed jeans: how to distress your denim

Distressed jeans: how to distress your denim

We’re fans of distressed jeans! If you also love distressed jeans, you could try customising your own distressed jeans.

Distressing denim involves partially removing, through wash and friction, the surface layer of indigo and also breaking some of the threads to create a fray effect.

Next time you think to buy distressed jeans, remember that it’s very easy to create your very own pair of distressed jeans. Just make sure you’re careful with the tools you use & don’t overdo it! Practice with an old or inexpensive pair first.

Here are some of tools you may need to make your distressed jeans:

  • A knife: place a block of wood inside the leg to offer some support and a surface to press against. Rub the surface of the soon-to-be distressed jeans as though “shaving”, in any direction. Achieve the look you want, but respect the integrity of the fabric.
  • A cheese grater: The rougher side will produce a very interesting pattern on the denim.
  • Sand Paper: This comes in many different ‘grits’ ( number of abrasive particles per square inch). The lower the grit the rougher the sandpaper. The more localized control that sandpaper offers will allow you to selectively fray pockets, hemlines.

Bon distressing! If it sounds too complicated, browse our chic flash sales to buy distressed jeans at irresistible prices.