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Discount weekend? Yes, please!

If you're looking for a discount weekend, our fabuleux travel-loving subsidiary is a perfect first stop. We handpick exciting holidays both in the UK and abroad from only the most reputed travel operators. A weekend escape? A week at the beach? Skiing in the Alps? Take your pick.

Weekend promotion: how do I access a weekend promotion on your site?

To access a weekend promotion, simply log on to, click on the fluttering travel sale banner and you'll be transported to our dedicated travel website. It's fabuleux! What's more, just before a chic discount weekend sale opens, we'll send you an exclusive invitation to ensure you're first in line for that must-do weekend escape.

Weekend escape: treat your nearest and dearest

A relaxing weekend escape is a generous gift for friends and family.  Our heart-fluttering prices & exciting destinations make spoiling those you love simple and rewarding. A discount weekend in rural France? A weekend escape in a beautiful European capital? Hurry, that perfect weekend promotion is just few clicks away.