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Designer lamps for your home: both functional and decorative

Lamps play a crucial part in home decoration. They serve many purposes, from brightening up dark corners of your home to creating a zen ambience in your rooms, illuminating your kitchen or creating a warm atmosphere in your bathroom, while also adding a touch of designer flair to your humble abode. Which lamp should you choose for each of your rooms? Follow our guide!

Spotlight on kitchens

In the kitchen, good lighting is essential for benches and shelves. To make these spaces work, light them with small LED lamps. These lamps are discreet and effective, allowing you to cook comfortably. For your kitchen table, a ceiling light works best. Try one made from stainless steel with several arms or with an opaque glass lamp cover. These lamps brighten up eating areas and give your kitchen a contemporary style. Check out the polished metal models from Sia, a perfect fit for your kitchen.

A cosy atmosphere in your living room

To liven up your living room, you can opt for baroque overhead lighting or a modern suspended lamp. Wall lights, with regular or LED bulbs, are another interesting way to sculpt the light of your room and separate distinct spaces. They fit in with the look you want to create to light up your living room or dining room. For your reading areas, try an antique-style floor lamp or vintage table lamp, like these retro-styled reading lights from Comptoir de famille, letting you kick back in your leather lounge chair and enjoy your reading material without straining your eyes!

A relaxing atmosphere for your bedrooms

If you’re looking to relax and maybe take a snooze, it helps to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in each of your rooms. Try placing a floor lamp with a fabric lampshade on both sides of your bed, with light intensity controllers that allow you to change the brightness of the lamps to match your mood. For children’s rooms, why not try an overhead light with lively colours? And don't forget a nightlight to keep your little ones from getting scared of those monsters under the bed! Tempted to install a designer lamp to revolutionise your home decoration? Become a member of and find out about our next sales events for home decorations!