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Denim jeans à go go

Denim jeans are without doubt a wardrobe must. We’d certainly be lost without our trusty denim jeans that can be mixed n matched with just about everything in our wardrobes. Next time you buy denim jeans bear in mind the history behind this fashion essential.

Did you know?

-The material that’s used to make denim jeans originates from the southern French town of Nimes, hence the 'denim' (de Nîmes).

-Denim jeans were first made in Cheiri, near the Italian city of Turin at the time of the Renaissance. They become popular in the 19th century and were sold through the port of Genoa. The word "jeans" comes from the French bleu de Gênes, meaning the blue of Genoa.

-Sailors wore denim jeans as they were ideal to wear for scrubbing down decks and other sailor-ly activities. Denim jeans then became the official uniform of the American army at the turn of the 20th century.

-Workers wore denim jeans in factories during the Second World War - men’s jeans had the zip down the front and women’s jeans the zip down the side.

-Denim jeans as we know them today really came into being from the 50s when James Dean popularised the garment with the film ‘Rebel Without a Cause’. Jeans became the clothing par excellence for all young rebels!

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Bon shopping!