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Vente Privée sport: our latest trends

A word of advice for people just beginning to use streetwear or sport-chic attire: from hooded zip sweats to lifestyle sneakers and jogging suits, all the latest trends in today’s sportswear can be found in the Idea Notebook at

Specialised sportswear for beginner and experienced sportswear users

From glossy ski jackets to sports bras and the world of trainers, find everything you need to look good and stay fit in our Idea Notebook
The innovative materials used by the big brands offer both the comfort and style these brands are known for.

Sports clothes and trainers for casual style lovers

For those who love using sportswear to refine their trendy urban look, manufacturers have created hybrid models that offer the advantages of both city clothes and sports attire. Now you can choose between glamour and sport-chic when picking the sports outfit you like the most!

From sportswear to streetwear, for a stylish hip-hop look

Whether using a duffel or flashy sports bag, an loose jogging suit or tight fitting t-shirt for him or her, here’s the magic formula to stay up to date with the most popular streetwear trends!

Update your sportswear wardrobe with the right sports clothes and trainers available at Sign up now to participate in our sales events for glamorous, high performance or trendy sportswear!