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Vente Privée clothes: our latest trends

Jeans, tops, coats, jackets, dresses and evening gowns, tank tops, winter coats or trendy swimwear… Check out Vente Privée’s Style Guide and discover the hippest new women’s and men’s clothes designs of the season!

Chic clothes for her

From umbrella skirts to mini shorts, coloured skinny jeans, or skater dresses, now you can set aside those same old blue jeans you’ve been using every day and give yourself a new look!

Above the waistline, you can mix casual “boyfriend” shirts with creative and feminine tank tops. Lace, silk, cotton, fleece… vary your materials from time to time. In terms of colours, anything goes; from pastel to fluorescent, passing through the more classic shades (black, grey, white, and more), and don’t hesitate to play with contrasting colours!
For nights out, try a little black evening gown or black top with sequins. You can’t go wrong!

Trendy clothes for him

For daytime clothes, there’s a large selection. Switch between long sleeve t-shirts, button-up shirts, polo shirts, cardigans, jumpers with elbow pads and leather jackets to give yourself a really cool look.

For nights out or big occasions, the jean/jacket combination is a must. Also keep in mind dinner jackets, and don’t forget accessories such as bowties, cuff links and belts. A guaranteed success!

Vente-Privee offers men’s and women’s clothes through sales event at bargain prices. What are you waiting for? Sign up to today!