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Trendy zip sweats: for workouts and around town

With trendy sweats, you never have to choose between relaxed and fashionable again!

Flashy or discreet colours, fitted or loose fitting sizes, classic or innovative cuts, cutting edge materials or 100% classic cotton… choose whatever feels best and give yourself the look that’s best for you!

The little sports jacket, for a casual style

Zip sweats generally go hand in hand with practicality… and comfort. Today, having being revived by the big brands, the little sports jacket with zipper opening is more than just functional, it also gives you a great, feminine look! For a sportswear style, opt for a light cotton model, or a model with thin lining. Combine it with running clothes to go for a workout at the gym or with black leggings for a weekend run.

The zip sweat, for a trendy look

For a completely hip look, try our fluorescent sweatshirt, with multi-coloured stripes or prints. And if you want to be bold, try it with a denim skirt and some fur-lined après-ski boots! Le Coq Sportif offers zip sweats in orange, electric blue, sea green, and plum colour schemes. The zip sweat is also perfect around town, used with skinny jeans and coloured sneakers as well as with leather derby shoes, giving you a trendy retro edge. In the city, try the thin-striped models Roxy, they work with everything! Make sure you don’t miss out on the next sale events for sports clothes and take advantage of discounts of up to 70% off! Sign up for today, where you’ll find the perfect sport jacket you’ve always wanted!