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The latest winter cap trend: pompoms!

It’s the latest craze in beanie design: the pompom, making a triumphant comeback this winter with a trendy revival look! Fashionistas can use it with just one rule: place it casually on your headwear.

Beanies, caps, Russian fur caps: pompoms work with all of them

The pompom is back on the scene, and it’s not shy, finding its way onto headgear of all shapes and sizes. It’s making an appearance on top of winter caps, Russian fur caps, fleece caps and caps with visors!The best part about the pompom is it works with all styles. On a Peruvian knitted beanie, it’s a common addition. On cable knit sweaters, it leaves its mark, bringing the outfit an unexpected surprise. It’s even useful on top of beanies to be used around town. It’s a sure fire way to liven up an otherwise subdued winter cap design.

1, 2, 3… pompoms!

On the street or on the ski slopes, pompoms can be seen blowing energetically in the winter wind. Hats can come with one or multiple pompoms, since certain beanies include more than just one of this trendy feature. On the side, the neck, shoulders or hanging from our earmuffs. Some caps are composed of a multitude of tiny puffballs, giving your headgear a unique texture.Finally, when dressing your little ones, there’s nothing cuter than a kid’s beanie with pompom-style details!

Ideas for pompoms: messy or neat

You can wear pompoms however you wish: for a discreet look, pick out a pompom the same colour as your headwear, such as traditional beanies from Carharrt or Napapijri. If you’re looking for a pompom that’s loud and bold, try a more low-key one, in a colour that contrasts with the wool of your beanie.You can also showcase your pompoms by coordinating with the colour of your jacket, your ski pants or your scarf. Finally, for parties a knit hat will show off your pompom shine! And if you don’t feel like “pompoming” one day, they come with removable pompoms!Choose the model that’s best for you from numerous models available at the next winter hat sales event at Sign up today to take advantage of great deals!