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Baby products

Vente Privée for babies: our latest trends

Are you expecting? will help you prepare everything you need for the arrival of your special little guy or girl! From pushchairs with baby monitors to baby sleeping bags, all the things you need to care for your little ones are in our Idea Notebook.

Must-haves for a stylish bedroom for babies

Safe, adaptable and decorative, items like cots with bars, cosy baby swings, playmats and changing tables are key elements for your baby’s room. Adjustable or fixed heights, with or without mobiles, and foldable ones for weekend trips, discover the latest models!
Everything you need to take your baby for a walk

An adaptable pushchair, spacious and well-equipped sleeping bag and car seats, these are some of the most important items to have for your little one, and you can find them all in’s Idea Notebook.

Focus on extra-small clothing and essential hygiene products

Shower your baby with love right from the beginning with ultra-soft baby clothes. When it’s time for his first bath, try an ergonomic baby bath, a sponge baby bouncer, a water thermometer, a nasal aspirator and a soft-bristle hair brush, all to make caring for your baby that much easier.

Stock up with baby equipment today to get ready for when your little one arrives! Take advantage of offers from by signing up on our site, and participate in our next sales event for baby products.