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Cheap jeans: denim-ise your wardrobe

Stylish cheap jeans are fabulously adaptable and perfect for matching with boots, heels, causal tops or elegant evening wear. Well-fitted cheap jeans are one of the most important wardrobe investments you’ll make - so be sure you get it right when buy cheap jeans.

When you buy cheap jeansremember:

Wide Hips? Don’t hide them with a relaxed fit as this will only draw attention to the width. Instead, opt for bootcut cheap jeans - the flare helps to minimize thick thighs or wide hips. Are your glamorous cheap jeans the right length? Our advice: the hem line should touch the bottom of your ankle. Wearing heels? The hemline should touch the floor when standing flat-footed.

Boyish Figure? If your body is rather rectangular, give the illusion of curves with cigarette or tapered cheap jeans. Slender at the calves they add width to your hips and curve to a flat bottom.Short Legs? Avoid both tapered and flared cheap jeans as they’ll make short legs look stockier. To add height, go for a pair of high-waisted trouser jeans. The straight vertical lines help lengthen and slim. Big Bottom? Small, high or close together pockets esp. with decoration often make a large bottom look larger. Instead, choose wide, long pockets that rest low on your bottom. Buy cheap jeans that are a low rise cut which flare at the ankles to create balance.A less than smooth stomach. A pair of high-waisted cheap jeans helps create a smooth plane over your stomach (ensure that waist of the cheap jeans doesn’t go above the belly button. Give jeans that tie, are pleated, have elastic waistbands or are decorated in front a miss – this will draw the eye to the very area you want to hide.

Bon shopping!