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cheap designer handbags

Cheap designer handbags: bagging fabulous style

On the hunt for cheap designer handbags?

Our fabulous flash sales are bursting with cheap designer handbags. Working closely with over 1,200 must-buy brands, we hand pick only the best designer products and carefully prepare unique sales featuring cheap designer handbags but also all kinds of fashion, accessories, homeware and more! And, all this with heart-racing price tags displaying up to 70% off. Be decisive as time and stock are très limited. When you sign up, you’ll receive exclusive sale invitations.

A little lost and not sure where to begin? Intimidated by all the colours, designs and sizes? Pas de panique! Check our tips to learn the lingo before you buy designer handbags:

·Pouch = a soft, small bag.

·Messenger = a large, soft shoulder bag with long straps (usually worn across the body).

·Tote = an open-top bag with straps or handles.

·Hobo bag = a crescent-shaped shoulder bag.

·Duffle = a shoulder bag, whose the opening is often wider at the top.

·Field bag = a flap-top shoulder bag with utility-type closure (buckle & snaps).

·Clutch = a small, handheld bag or a larger, geometric shape that can be tucked under your arm.

·Satchel = a large, handheld bag.

·Baguette = a long and rounded shoulder bag (rather like the bread – hence the name)

·Cigar Box = a small, boxy, hard bag.

Now that you’ve swotted up on all the terms, decide for yourself what style of cheap designer handbags to buy and on y shop!