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Buy cheap designer jeans: stress-free glamour

Love cheap designer jeans but not sure where to start? Fed up with making the wrong choices when you buy cheap designer jeans?With a dizzying array of options for cheap designer jeans, it can be a little overwhelming! It's tough to make the right choice and find a pair of cheap designer jeans that fit properly and look good. Why not take a quick peek at our advice before you buy cheap designer jeans?Top tips to buy the perfect pair of cheap designer jeans:Jeans for your shape Wide Hips?Don't try to hide them in a relaxed fit pair of cheap designer jeans as they'll only draw attention to the width. Opt for bootcut. Boyish Figure? If your body is rather rectangular, add the illusion of curves by choosing cigarette or tapered jeans. Big Bottom? Choose a pair of cheap designer jeans that have wide, long pockets that rest low on your bottom. A bit of a belly? A pair of high-waisted jeans helps create a smooth plane over your entire stomach. Avoid jeans that tie, have pleats or an elastic waistband, or are decorated in front - these draw unwanted attention.Jeans for your heightChoose a pair of cheap designer jeans that will compliment your height e.g. if you're short wear flared jeans as they give the illusion of a longer leg making you appear taller. If you're tall, skinny jeans look fabulous and compliment your height. Short Legs? To give the illusion of height, choose a pair of high-waisted trouser jeans.Bon shopping!