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Travel bags, backpacks, suitcases: I love travelling well-equipped!

Tell us your dream vacation, and we’ll tell you what kind of baggage to bring! When choosing the travel bag best suited to your next trip, you need to keep a certain number of criteria in mind. Some people prioritise quality and capacity, while others favour aesthetics to keep up with fashion no matter where their travels take them!

Shoulder bag, for last minute trips

Holidays, days off work or long weekends: there are plenty of reasons to hit the road at the last minute and escape the humdrum of your regular routine. With your ticket in hand, all that’s left to do is find the right bag to pack! If you choose to only bring what you absolutely need, try this fashionable handbag, available in leather, cloth or PVC, or a duffel-bag. This super practical bag is convenient, featuring a timeless design, giving you complete freedom while you travel. Sequoia offers you a number of models with lively colour schemes, filling you up with the spirit of adventure even before you set off! And for longer trips, pick up a light, flexible travel bag that can carry all your wardrobe favourites! Don’t forget to bring an ultra-light foldable bag from Paquetage to hold a few souvenirs you pick up along the way.

Backpack: a must for adventurers

You’ve got a passion for hiking and spur-of-the-moment trips, and you can never be in one place for too long! Travelling is the perfect way for you to explore the unbeaten track. Hone your “backpacker” style with a comfortable, durable backpack. Try a model equipped with hip-level compression straps for less strain on your spine. Keep in mind the number of pockets and whether or not the backpack comes with a weatherproof slipcover when picking one out.

Trolley suitcase, for amateur travellers looking to relax

Going away on holiday but don’t want to sacrifice comfort? To get where you’re going, you need a quick, easy way to carry your things around. By choosing an XXL trolley suitcase, you won’t need to leave any of your favourite clothes at home any more. Prepare to leave with peace of mind. Today’s trendiest suitcases feature a more rugged look with bright colour schemes. If you like retro motifs, check out the liberty model, which you’re sure to love. Sign up now with the community to participate in the next sales event for the latest in travel gear!