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From the bed to the changing table, make your baby’s room beautiful

Your baby is on its way! Now it’s time to find the perfect furniture for a new room

Planning a room for your baby? Choose an NF-certified bed and changing table. For decorations, let your imagination run wild!

A safe and cosy room for baby

Let’s start with the basics: make sure that your baby’s room is well insulated with an efficient, well maintained heating system, and that all electrical outlets conform to safety standards.As for decorations, make your baby’s first few years a bit more fun by decorating the room the way you see fit. Try some pastel tones or brighter patterns to create a warm, fun atmosphere. Put a few coloured stickers on the wall as an inexpensive way to create a princess’s palace or pirate’s lair.

Practicality comes first for beds and changing tables

For a cot, look for one with rollers and adjustable height, these make it much more practical! Chicco offers cots as well as cradles that you can fold up and take with you to go to friends’ houses or for holidays. Changing tables adapt to the space you have available. They come in foldable versions, flat versions and with or without built-in bathing area. Look for a model with multiple drawers to conveniently store everything you need.

The nappy bag: an essential accessory

Since baby goes everywhere you go, it’s important to carry a nappy bag with you, giving you room to store accessories and making changing easier. Carry an adaptable model wherever you go that fits in your pushchair. And certain designer models even give you a “yummy mummy” look! The Bébé Confort nappy bags are ultra-practical and easily fit in a handbag.The biggest brands are now available at affordable prices! To take advantage of the next sales event for baby cots and baby care products, sign up for