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How do I choose the best pushchair?

With the arrival of your baby, you’ll be using your pushchair many times per day. From your house to your car, in the street, in shops or simply to wander around outdoors, it goes everywhere you do! So it’s important to make the right choice when buying one. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

What are the most important features of a pushchair?

The frame of a pushchair can house three types of seats: the gondola, which allows the baby to travel lying down and is best for the first few months; the shell, which holds your baby in a foetal position and can also be used as a baby seat in certain car models (group 0); and finally, the hammock is ideal for your little one once he or she is at least 6 months old. Installed facing forward or backward, your baby can now discover the world around him.Is baby getting sleepy? Just tilt the hammock back to help your little cutie slip off to dreamland. The Baby comfort pushchairs will guarantee safety and security for your little one, no matter which type you choose.Certain pushchairs offer all three seat types, others offer only one. Choose on the basis of your equipment (dedicated car seats, folding pushchairs) and the age of your children.

Pushchairs: comfort or practicality?

New parents often spend much of their time folding and unfolding pushchairs. To make sure baby doesn’t get uncomfortable with every movement of the pushchair, make sure it’s manoeuvrable. Its height and weight are also important; your pushchair needs to be able to fit into lifts or in the boot of your car!As your baby grows, you can give up a bit of comfort by going with a light and manageable foldable model, especially for in the city. The collection of pushchairs offered by Chicco includes all model types.

Accessories that make life with a baby simpler

Aside from formats and comfort, it’s the accessories that make all the difference! Some are truly indispensable: a sun umbrella helps protect your baby from the sun. A rain guard keeps him or her from getting wet in bad weather, as well as offering cold weather protection in the winter. A detachable hammock makes it easier to maintain your pushchair.A nice organising space is also handy to haul a few extra baby needs as well as a few things you might pick up while you’re out. Finally, don’t forget to bring along a few fun toys for baby, perhaps a book of visual activities to develop his concentration and dexterity.Looking for more ideas of what you need? Just sign up for to discover the models available during our next sales events for pushchairs.