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What should I put in my nappy bag?

Everything (or almost everything) fits in your nappy bag!

Nappies, wipes, bottles… here’s a short but comprehensive list of everything you need to put in your nappy bag for a walk in the park or dinner with friends, without also taking your whole house along.

Nappies, wipes, a change of clothes

For your little one, set aside a nappy for every 2 hours you will be out, plus one more for accidents. There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard! Make sure you also bring a plastic bag, just in case. Bring a few baby wipes, too. Bringing a full bag doesn’t work, instead slip a few wipes into the waterproof compartment of your nappy bag. An extra set of baby clothes may be in order, bring one or even two.

Save a pocket in your nappy bag for a small snack!

To keep your baby from getting too hungry, take along some biscuits, a small carton of milk, fruit and, if you’re out long enough, a small, complete pre-packaged meal, such as those offered by Bébé Confort. Also bring a bib, a bottle of water, a baby bottle and a straw. The straw is for you!

The nappy bag emergency kit

Here’s a basic list of things to keep in your kit. - some tissues - an extra dummy - a small dose of saline solution - an anti-fever suppository - granules of arnica - a photocopy of health and insurance records - a blanketAll this should weigh no more than 300g, if the blanket isn’t too large. Choose a nappy bag with multiple pockets, like the one from Béaba, to keep everything organised.To keep your nappy bag full, find out about our baby product sales events by joining, where you can take advantage of amazing discounts on name brand products.