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Fashion Accessories

Vente Privée accessories: our latest trends

Headbands and scarves for the ladies, men’s scarves and cuff links for the guys. Fashion accessories are designed to refine your style, whatever it may be. Whether they’re year round or seasonal, these must-have fashion accessories can all be found in the Idea Notebook at!

Trendy accessories for women: Mission Seduction

When the summer sun comes out, it’s time to grab your trusty geometric sunglasses and your ribbon-tied summer straw hat to perfect that “femme fatale” look. In the winter, keep the cold at bay with a winter cap with pompoms or a Russian fur cap, and wrap your neck up with an eye-catching silk scarf that matches your purse.

Finally, don’t forget to buckle up with a nice belt! If you’re going to wear high-wasted pants or a dress, a belt will bring out your feminine form. Find more advice for giving yourself an ultra-feminine look in our Idea Notebook.

Cutting Edge Men’s accessories: a totally masculine look

The suit and tie crowd knows it well: a good belt and cuff links make all the difference between an standard-issue suit and a suit that REALLY stands out. An analogue watch will help you to bring out the elegance of your outfit even more.

When the sun starts to shine, whip out your classic aviator shades! And to weather the ravages of a hostile climate, don’t forget your winter cap and wool neckerchief.
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