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Cushions in all shapes and sizes

With cushions, you can personalise your home with colour and style

To give your living room or bedroom a warm, unique style, what’s better than cushions? They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and textures, and it’s even possible to write custom messages on some models to give them a personal touch. Your home decoration will be that much more comfy…

Colours and motifs for your cushions

When it comes to contrasts and colour combinations, be bold! The current trend for name brand cushions is a grey palette, but red, neutral tones, green, and brown are also big. The Descamps cushion covers match bedding colour schemes to make your room’s colours come together. Opt for timeless shades or geometric shapes, without a doubt one of today’s most popular trends. And if you like a more rustic style, there’s plenty to choose from. This year it’s making a comeback, with models such as the countryside style of Françoise Saget. Don’t hesitate to buy more cushions and mix genres.

Round or square: choose the shape of your cushions!

You can also play with the shapes of your cushions for original combinations and to liven up the décor of your armchairs or couches. Don’t be afraid of mixing sizes and designs. For instance, you can put a round cushion next to a smaller square one with a geometric pattern. The oversized cushions are sure to get your attention. These ultra-comfortable models let you settle in to read or watch a movie, and they also work for a quiet night of relaxing with friends.

Cushions for every occasion

Feel like giving your home decoration a personalised, updated touch? It’s easy and fun! Check out these connected cushions, which you can write or draw on. When you’re done, the writing comes off with a bit of water, and the cushion is ready for your next moment of inspiration! Scatter a few of these cushions in your kids’ rooms, they’ll love them! Looking for good deals on cushions for your home? Come check out If you’re not already a member of the community, join today and participate in home decoration sales events.